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Save The Dates: May 6th and May 13th, 2020

The First meetings of the Government Relations and E-Commerce Committees

Both the New York City Cannabis Industry Association (NYCCIA) and the Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association (HVCIA) are holding joint committee meetings on Wednesday nights over the next several weeks.

The Government Relations Committee  – will hold its first meeting on May 6 from 6-7:30 pm.

The E-Commerce Committee  – will hold its first meeting on May 13 from 6-7:30 pm.

Email us at or if you are interested in attending and we’ll send the Zoom link.

Registration for each meeting closes at noon on the day of the call.

Also, email us to let us know that you’re interested in a committee but can’t make the first meeting!

The HVCIA exists so that voices like yours will be included in a comprehensive approach to cannabis legalization for the Hudson Valley.

Membership in the Association is required to be a committee member but the first meeting is open to the public.  To become a member of the CIA, click here for NYC: and here for the Hudson Valley: .
Thank you for your support and participation.

The New York City and Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Associations

Past Events

A Free Virtual Forum Via Zoom – Advance Registration is Required

Join us for our next virtual meeting produced by the NYCCIA and HVCIA for an in-depth discussion of the cannabis marketplace and what that means for New York City and the Hudson Valley.  Joining us will be speaker, investor and advisor Jeanne M. Sullivan, General Partner of The Arcview Group, whose mission is to forge a principled and profitable industry from the ashes of cannabis prohibition.  

We will discuss the state of the cannabis market, which had a $15 Billion revenue stream in 2019 alone, as well as vital considerations to keep front of mind from an investing and entrepreneurial perspective.

Date: Thursday, March 19, 2020  6:30-8:30pm
Location: Virtual Event

Presenters:  Zachary Gordon CPA, Jessica F. Gonzalez, Esq. and David Holland, Esq.

Tax rates, social equity, and legalizing the legacy market

Reports on the progress of cannabis legalization in California consistently focus on the challenges that the massive unlicensed market there poses to licensed market operators due in large part to the price differential between taxed and untaxed products.

With the largest illegal cannabis market in the world, the New York City metropolitan area can expect that the success of a legal adult use cannabis market here will also depend on whether the tax structure that the Governor and legislature create incentivizes consumers to make their purchases from licensed businesses.

Join the NYCCIA for a presentation by Zachary Gordon CPA of the Cannabis Industry Practice Group at Janover, LLC, Jessica F. Gonzalez, Esq. of Bressler, Amery & Ross, P.C  and David Holland, Esq., President of the New York City Cannabis Industry Association as they discuss clearly how the tax rates and structure of the Governor’s proposed legalization and the legislature’s competing version could affect the retail cannabis market in the state.

Date: Thursday, February 13, 2020  6:30-8:30pm
Location: The Players, 16 Gramercy Park

Presented by:  Pesetsky & Bookman

Anticipating Recreational Cannabis Laws in NYC based on experience with alcohol, tobacco, and CBD edibles.

Although the attempt to legalize New York’s cannabis market last year failed, it forced serious conversations among policymakers about how legal cannabis should be regulated.

How much should cannabis be regulated like alcohol and how much like tobacco?
How will CBD be regulated?
What kinds of licenses should there be and who should qualify?

Should the state control every aspect of the market or should local government have a say?

Max and Robert Bookman, attorneys at the firm of Pesetsky & Bookman PC, specialize in New York alcohol and tobacco law and represent industry trade associations whose members sell those products.

Join us as they lead a discussion of how the alcohol and tobacco laws on which cannabis legalization will be based could affect the form of an adult-use cannabis market in New York City, and what we can learn from both the attempt to pass a state legalization bill in 2019 and the City’s simultaneous attempt to ban CBD edibles.

The program will include a discussion of the Cannabis Regulatory and Taxation Act (CRTA), Governor Cuomo’s legalization bill.

Dress Code:
The Players Club has a strict dress code and expects tour guests to dress Business Casual. No sneakers, flip-flops, shorts, tee shirts, torn jeans.

Presented by:

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Date: Thursday, Januray 16, 2020  6:30-8:30pm
Location:Come Back Daily,  516 East 11th Street
(btw Avenues A + B)

The legalization struggle in New York is coming fast.

The fight for a good cannabis legalization law in New York State in 2020 is beginning. Success is not guaranteed, but, whatever bill may pass, experience in other municipalities has shown that without a proactive plan like the NYCCIA envisions, successful implementation of the law is a long-term process

While we are likely on the eve of legalization, New York City is not prepared.

Here in the largest and most complicated city in the United States, the City government has not identified any agency, committee, or regulatory body of any kind that will develop policies for the legal cannabis market, has not indicated how it will act to protect the interests of the local cannabis business community or indicated how it intends to keep the peace between the cannabis sector and the rest of the city.

There is a dire need for more public forums to prepare NYC residents, businesses, and other groups for imminent legalization.

The cannabis industry must mobilize.

The cannabis industry and those that want to enter it or invest in it must mobilize quickly to establish it as a legitimate business sector and political actor, to articulate its priorities, and to formulate its positions on the proper regulation of the market.

The New York City Cannabis Industry Association

The NYCCIA will provide a point through which the existing NYC cannabis industry and the people who want to enter it can engage with all levels of government, other business sectors, and the general public, provide educational programming, develop best business practices for all aspects of the industry with the goal of maximizing self-regulation and provide mediation and other dispute resolution services.

NYC needs a voice.

The NYC cannabis industry needs a strong voice to secure passage of a comprehensive legalization bill and a successful rollout of the program.

The New York City Cannabis Industry Association will provide that voice.